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Retirement Benefits Overview
Advocate understands the importance of planning for your retirement. A secure retirement requires careful financial planning... and the better your financial planning, the more comfortable your retirement will be.

The Retirement Savings Plan-401(k) provides a long-term savings vehicle which allows you to put aside part of your income—on either a pre-tax or after-tax basis and watch it grow on a tax-favored basis. As an added incentive, Advocate matches your annual savings. This is in addition to contributions Advocate makes on your behalf in the Pension Plan. Together, these plans help provide for your retirement security.

For details regarding potential tax treatment of payouts from the:
Retirement Savings Plan-401(k) – click here.
Pension Plan – click here.

To learn more about these plans click on each topic above, then scroll through each section. Be sure to check in often to stay up-to-date and monitor your investments. To track your investments as they grow, go to, click on Retirement Benefits and sign-in.

Plan Limits
Retirement Benefits Highlights