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ID Cards

If you elect coverage under a medical, dental or vision plan offered through the Advocate Benefits Program you may need to present an ID card and/or a group number to access services. If you need to access services in one of these areas (including prescription drugs)—but have not received an ID card—follow the instructions provided below.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO/DRP and BroMenn EPO
If you need medical care but have not yet received your Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card, you may print a temporary ID card through Blue Access for Members. Contact the Blue Access Internet Help Desk at 888-706-0583 (M-F 7am-10pm, Sat 7am-3:30pm CST), to request your Unique Identification Number. Then go to to log-on to Blue Access for Members. Click:

  • Register Now
  • Enter your Relationship to Employee, Birth date, Zip code, Group #P91652 (for PPO) or #P64547 (for BroMenn EPO), Unique ID number
  • Under Quick Links, click on Get a temporary ID card
  • Print Card

Advocate Centered HMO, EPO/DRP or Humana PPO/DRP

If you need medical care but have not yet received your Humana ID card, go to and log in. On the main page, select View Medical ID Cards under Related Links section.

Note: If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call Humana Customer Service at 888.393.6765 to request confirmation of coverage; Humana will send you a letter of coverage via mail or fax (as you choose).

Prescription Benefits
Important! If you elect medical coverage, you are automatically covered under Advocate’s Prescription Benefits Program, which is managed by OptumRx.

If you need to purchase prescription drugs but have not received your OptumRxID Card, you can log in to to download a temporary ID card, or you can simply pay for your prescription and then submit an OptumRxclaim form for reimbursement.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call Advocate Benefits Service Center 800.775.4784 (press 2); customer service representatives are available Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm and can contact OptumRxwith your information.

Dental Benefits (First Commonwealth/Guardian or MetLife)
If you are covered under the First Commonwealth/Guardian Dental Health Maintenance Organization (Dental HMO) coverage option—you do not need an ID card to access dental care services from a dentist who is a member of the Dental HMO provider network. If you are newly-enrolled for coverage under the Dental HMO:

You should contact Member Services at 800.775.2246 before receiving any services to confirm you are officially listed on the January Dental HMO roster. Note: This roster will be mailed to your designated Dental HMO provider.
If your name is not on the roster, the Member Services representative will confirm for you when this will occur and the earliest date for which you can schedule an appointment.
If you have an urgent need to see a provider, please make this known to the Member Services representative; the representative will work to schedule your care on an urgent basis.

If you are covered under the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (MetLife PDP) or MetLife PDP with Orthodontia coverage option—you should know that MetLife does not require you to present an ID card to receive dental services. However, MetLife has provided a printable version of an ID card. For your convenience, this ID card includes the group number for your coverage.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can call a MetLife Representative at 800.942.0854.

Vision Benefits (EyeMed Vision Care)
If you enroll in the Advocate Vision Plan, EyeMed will send you two ID cards; these cards will be included in the EyeMed materials mailed to your home when you enroll.

If you need to use your vision care benefits at a participating provider before receiving your ID cards, simply identify yourself as an EyeMed member when you visit the provider; to verify eligibility you may be asked to provide an identification number (typically your Social Security number).

If you use a non-participating provider you will have to pay for the services first and complete an out-of-network claim form.

You may request an additional or replacement ID card online at or by calling 866.939.3633.