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Your eligibility for different benefits is based on your pay status. Your pay status is:

Full-Time — If you are scheduled to work 80 hours per pay period
Part-Time A — If you are scheduled to work 64 to 79 hours per pay period
Part-Time B — If you are scheduled to work 40 to 63 hours per pay period
Part-Time C — If you are scheduled to work 39 hours or less per pay period

To see a fact sheet that highlights what benefits you are eligible for based on your associate pay status, click on the link below.

2017 Benefits Eligibilty

Dependent Eligibility
You can also purchase medical, dental and vision coverage - and Optional Life Insurance coverage - for the following family members:

  • Your lawful spouse
  • Your qualified domestic partner
  • Your child(ren) up through end of month in which they turn 26 or end of month in which they turn 30 if a Military Veteran. Dependent children including your natural children, stepchildren, adopted children, foster children and any child for whom you have legal guardianship.

You cannot be covered under any of the Advocate medical plans as both an associate and a dependent. If both parents are Advocate associates, only one parent can cover the children as dependents. You or your dependents may not elect to be covered by more than one Advocate plan.