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Disability Benefits / Leave of Absence


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Eligibility Requirements For Disability

If you're a Full-Time or Part-Time A Advocate Associate, you're eligible for coverage under the Disability Income Protection Plan on the first day you're actively at work after you've worked for 6 continuous months as a Full-Time or Part-Time A Associate.

You are automatically enrolled in the plan on the day you become eligible.

There are no forms to complete.

  • Advocate Full Time and Part Time A Associates receive a base disability benefit at no cost.
  • Advocate BroMenn Full Time and Part Time A Associates must elect the base disability benefit. (You and Advocate share in the cost of the base disability paying 50% of the benefit).
  • Advocate and Advocate BroMenn Part-Time B Associates must elect disability benefits and pay 100% of the cost of the benefit.
Pre-existing conditions
You won’t receive disability benefits under the plan if you have a condition that requires medical treatment during the calendar month before you become eligible for the plan and you become disabled as a result of that condition during the first five days of coverage under the plan.

Offsets to your disability benefits
If you have other sources of income that are payable to you because of your disability, these payments will offset or reduce the disability benefit you receive under the plan. Other sources of income include:

Social Security disability benefits
Social Security retirement benefits
Benefits paid under a mandatory state disability law or any similar compulsory benefit act or law
Disability income benefits for which you're eligible under any other group insurance plan or any governmental retirement system as a result of your employment with any employer
Any income you receive from Transitional Work assignments, and
Any damages you recover (less reasonable legal fees and recovery costs) due to an act or omission by a third party, but only to the extent that such damages represent your loss of income.

If you’re paid any recovered damages in a lump sum, the lump sum amount will be prorated over the length of time it would have been paid if you hadn’t received it as a lump sum (or over 60 months if the alternative payment stream can't be determined).