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401(k) Plan - Automatic Account Rebalancing

Automatic Account Rebalancing is an account management feature that automatically keeps your 401(k) asset allocation in balance with your most recent investment elections.

Over time, your account will drift away from your original allocation simply because of the way the stock market moves. Different investments—stocks, bonds and money market/stable value investments—react differently to the same market conditions. This means that periodically, you should review your asset allocation to determine whether you need to rebalance your holdings to return them to your original desired percentages.

You choose the frequency in which Automatic Account Rebalancing takes place—your account can be rebalanced quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Be sure to carefully review your current investment allocation designations for new contributions as well as the existing balances in your account.

To elect Automatic Account Rebalancing:

  • Go to
  • Select Retirement Benefits and log in
  • Select Advocate Health Care Network 401K Retirement Savings Plan
  • Select Automatic Account Rebalancing from the left-hand menu