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401(k) Plan - Automatic Enrollment

New associates are automaticaly enrolled in the Advocate 401(k) Plan. This means that Advocate establishes a Traditional 401(k) pre-tax deduction of 3% of eligible pay on your behalf. Deductions will begin starting with your next check, as soon as administratively possible, after 30 days of employment.

You may elect to increase or decrease your pre-tax contribution percentage or elect to make Roth 401(k) after-tax contributions using You may contribute up to 75% of your eligible pay. You may choose to opt out of (zero out) your automatic deferral in the plan, and join at a later time.

You may also elect to have the amount that was automatically contributed to the plan (adjusted for investment earnings and losses) paid to you, provided you make this election within 90 days after the date of your first contribution to the plan.