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Welcome to Advocate Benefits Information!

What's New in Benefits?

Act now! Deadline to elect 2015 benefits is Friday, Nov. 21
Questions? 1.800.775.4784, 8am—6pm, M—F CT, Advocate Benefits Services Center

Three Steps to complete 2015 Benefits Enrollment:

  1. Review Details about 2015 Benefits Options
  2. Review Current Elections
  3. Enroll Online

Important Benefits Information:

Advocate Associates BroMenn Associates

Advocate Benefit News

2015 Advocate Benefits Reference Guide

Advocate Medical Benefits Highlights

Physician Finder

Medical Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Advocate Associate Contributions
2015 Medical Plans:

2015 Dental Highlights

2015 Prescription Highlights

BroMenn Benefit News

2015 BroMenn Benefits Reference Guide

BroMenn Medical Benefits Highlights

Physician Finder

Medical Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

BroMenn Associate Contributions
2015 Medical Plans:

2015 Dental Highlights

2015 Prescription Highlights

Things to consider before you enroll:


Q: Why is there a question in Annual Enrollment about "opting out" of the Healthe Futures Account and other reimbursement accounts and what does it mean?

The Affordable Care Act is now requiring employers who offer certain Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)*, including Advocate, to give employees an "opt out" option.

This "opt out" option is directed at individuals who want to purchase coverage through a state or federal Health Exchange or Health Marketplace and apply for premium tax credits or subsidies for the coverage. You generally would not qualify for these tax credits/subsidies if you are participating in a Health Reimbursement Account and Advocate's medical plan meets the ACA minimum requirements.

*Important: If you elect to permanently "opt out" of Advocate's Health Reimbursement Accounts (Healthe Futures Account, Deductible Reimbursement Account, Copay/Coinsurance Reimbursement Account) you will not receive any future reimbursements from these accounts and you cannot re-enroll in these accounts in the future.

Advocate Centered EPO: Great care, low rates

Take a closer look at the Advocate Centered EPO before Annual Enrollment:

  • Great care at the lowest cost per pay period.
  • Associates earning $27,000 annually or less will pay less per pay period for the EPO vs. other plans.
  • Growing network of more than 4,500 physicians and specialists, leading hospitals and more than 250 sites of care. Just added: Silver Cross Hospital, physicians and specialists.
  • Coverage for students away at school, when traveling and in case of emergency

Click here to learn more about the EPO.

Questions about the EPO?
EPO Concierge, 1.855.376.2386, M-F 7am - 7pm, and Saturday 9am - 2pm

Jellyvision is Advocate's Benefits Decision Tool
It's easy-to-use and available 24/7 to help you get ready for Annual Benefits Enrollment

  • Learn more about 2015 benefit plans and how they work
  • Compare benefit options

Click here to access Jellyvision 2015, Advocate's Benefits Decision Tool.

Don't forget...

PTO Cash Out—4th Quarter 2014
For those associates who elected a 2014, 4th quarter PTO Cash Out, it will be paid out in pay period 24 (Check date 11/20/14). PTO Cash Out dollars will be paid out on your regular check. It will be listed as PTO CASH, under the regular pay line on the top left of your check.

As always, the PTO Cash Out is subject to the supplemental tax rate and if applicable, the retirement savings payroll deduction.

Eligible PTO cash out hours will be based on pay period 23's eligible PTO balance, minus any PTO hours taken in pay period 24. Any earned PTO accrual hours for pay period 24 will be applied to your PTO bank after the PTO cash out is processed.

2014 PTO Lop Off Date Set for Pay Period 1, 2015

2014 PTO lop off will occur in pay period 1, 2015 (December 28, 2014 to January 10, 2015). If you have hours in your PTO bank that exceed the maximum annual accrual allowed in 2014, these hours will be eliminated or "lopped off" in pay period 1. If you intend to roll over the maximum PTO accrual amount to the following year (2015), without losing any PTO time, don't forget the extra PTO accrual you will receive for pay period 27. There are only 2 Advocate observed holidays that fall between pay period 26 and pay period 1 prior to the PTO lop off. So it's important to plan ahead to avoid any lop off of your PTO accrued hours. The lop-off of hours will work like this:

  • Balance of PTO in Pay Period 27 (includes PTO taken and accrued) minus
  • PTO taken in Pay Period 1 (between 12/28/2014 & 01/10/2015) equals
  • PTO balance subject to the maximum annual accrual - lop off.

After the lop-off occurs, PTO accrued during that pay period will be applied to your PTO balance. We believe this creates the best opportunity for you to maximize any accrued PTO benefit before the annual lop off. You can learn more about your PTO Benefits and the PTO lop off here.

Click here to learn more about your PTO benefits, including 2014 accrual schedules.

Healthe You Deadlines Ahead

November 22: Deadline to complete coaching calls for 2014 program.
Click here to learn more.
December 5: Deadline for associates AND eligible spouse/partner to complete tobacco screening or tobacco affidavit to avoid $35 Tobacco Surcharge in 2015.
Click here to learn more.