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2014 Annual Benefits Enrollment Materials—Advocate

2014 Annual Benefits Enrollment Materials—BroMenn

NEW: EPO Concierge Service "Physician Finder"

  • 1.855.EPO.ADVO (1.855.376.2386) , 7 am - 7 pm, M-F, and
    9 am 2 pm, Sat.
  • EPO Concierge -- Find an Advocate Centered EPO doctor and learn more about the Advocate Centered EPO
  • Advocate BroMenn EPO Physician Finder -- Find authorized EPO doctors and facilities. For Advocate BroMenn and central Illinois associates participating in the Advocate Centered EPO.

What's changing 2014

  • 2014 Benefits Update Video
  • BroMenn adding the Advocate Centered EPO
  • Advocate Centered EPO: No changes -- associate contributions flat; no changes in deductibles or out-of-pocket maximum
  • Advocate Centered HMO: Out-of-pocket maximum increasing for single and associate + spouse or family coverage; copays required for each treatment; copays now count toward out-of-pocket maximum
  • PPO: Increases in associate contributions, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum
  • Basic Life Insurance and AD&D coverage for exempt associates is moving from 2 times salary to 1.5 times salary; exempt associates have option to buy additional coverage.
  • Part Time B associates will be offered disability
  • Healthe You will be offering free biometric screenings for all associates.
  • All benefits eligible associates who do not enroll in medical benefits will have the option to participate in Healthe You. A $100 fee applies ($50 from two pay checks).

2014 Associate contributions

Full-Time Part-Time A Part-Time B

Full-Time Part-Time A Part-Time B

2014 Medical Plans
2014 medical plan option highlight sheets:

Part Time B Disability
Click here to learn about Part Time B disability benefits. If you are a Part Time B associate interested in purchasing disability coverage you can calculate your disability payroll deduction amount using the following calculation:

  • Hourly rate x scheduled hours per pay period x 26 pay periods = Annual Salary
  • Annual salary / 26 pay periods = bi weekly pay
  • Bi weekly pay / 1000 x 8.81
  • $10.00 x 40 x 26 = $10,400
  • $10,400 /26 = $400 bi-weekly pay
  • $400 / $1000 x 8.81 = $3.54/pay period for disability benefit coverage

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